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We are one of the longest running and  most recognized martial arts/fitness facility in Los Angeles. 


We pride ourselves as providing a very high level instruction and training  in a 5 star facility. 


Our instructors are all certified coaches/trainers/ black belts, world champions and more importantly world class teachers.. All are “senseis”  in their own way..


We are unique in that we offer mainly private training, semi-private and small group classes.  No more over packed group classes with high injury ratio and that feeling of being left out!


Zenki  is about connection. Martial arts and fitness is meant to be taught on a one on one “Mister Miyagi” like setting. 


We offer a full facility for martial arts, fitness, healing and mindset coaching.


  our mission is to unlock the humans full potential by understanding ourselves in mind, body, and spirit.


  Zenki is about a lifestyle


not a martial arts style.

At Zenki, all our instructors are all senseis,


high level martial artists and coaches by their own merit.


We require only high level certification, experience and eduction so you get the proper guidance thru your journey.


Zenkis mission is to push you and help you find your highest level of performance and discover your true warrior. At Zenki we believe in the samurai spirit of Ki, Shin, Tai. I chi ( mind, spirit  and body as one..)  


join us in our journey 

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